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Klima 2000 Essay

In an interview with Philip Roth that is the best piece in this intriguing but somewhat mixed bag of essays, Klima comments of famed Czech emigre Kundera, "The hardness of life has a much more complicated shape than we find in his presentation of it." The contrast couldn't be greater with Klima's own writings (e.g., Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light, LJ 2/15/95), which with sympathy and deep humanity work through the painful moral dilemmas and daily little compromises people make under totalitarian rule. In two modestly titled pieces that open the book, "A Rather Unconventional Childhood" and "How I Began," Klima discusses a youth spent in a Nazi concentration camp (he is Jewish) and then under Communist rule and shows how this shaped his writing impulse. These pieces are Klima at his best?subtle, effectively detailed, capable of standing to the side of events and extracting their essence. Other pieces here, many given as addresses at various symposia, are too brief to be involving. Nevertheless, this collection offers valuable insight into Klima's work, which should be read by anyone interested in good literature or world events. Recommended for academic and larger public libraries.?Barbara Hoffert, "Library Journal"
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Abildskov, MarilynAnd Who Can Say It Will Not?
Agee, JoelThe Author as Translator
Andrews, NinThe Lindbergh Baby and I
Andrews, NinConfession 7
Bernofsky, SusanThe Art of Translation
Biederman, LucyLater
Brody, LeslieDaisies: An Observation
Chae, Jung HaeThe Great Meal
Davidson, ChadMutatis Mutandis
Demir, MensurThought Samples from the Memory of a Drawing Man (translated from the Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian by Mirza Purić)
Harlan, MeganSpider Season
Kreitler, BrandonThought-Work in the Glowing Field
Melnyczuk, AskoldIn Memoriam Bohdan Boychuk, 1927–2017
Niehaus, AmandaBreakup Tips
Omar, Qais AkbarIn the Ring
Purpura, LiaWalk with Snowy Things
Quist, DonaldThieves
Slater, Ann TashiTraveling in Bardo
Starbuck, KathrynTaking My Turn at Seventy-Eight
Van Winckel, Nancefrom Sister Zero
Walpole, JoeWe Were Here

Adrian, KimThe Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet
Ayobami, Radhiyahwomen’s business here
Baladi, LaraVodka-Chamomile: cocktail for a revolution
Beachy-Quick, DanSibboleth
Eaton, WilliamFriendship, Deception, Writing: Within and Beyond Plato’s Lysis
Geminder, EmilyChoreograph
Habib, ShahnazA Letter to My Daughter about Palindromes
Hornbacher, MaryaThe Dress Form
Journey, AnnaA Common Skin
Journey, AnnaLittle Face
Kallmayer, LineMother’s Tears
Lababidi, YahiaAngels and Demons: Aphorisms
Mills, TylerHome
Schwarzenbach, AnnemarieCarson McCullers in 1940 (translated from the German by Padraig Rooney)
Siasoco, Ricco VillanuevaPinays
Sheehan, MichaelOn the Undiscovered Origins of Everything in Waxahachie, Texas
Spatz-Rabinowitz, ElaineBuried Treasure
Zabuzhko, OksanaOne Hundred Years of Solitude, or The Importance of a Story

Appel, RosaireA-range
Appel, RosaireD-range
Barrett, AndreaThe Years and The Years
Birkerts, SvenDouble Take
Birkerts, SvenThe Problem of Other Minds
Cheng, Jennifer S.Hikikomori: Salt Constellations
Dameron, JimA Eulogy for the Living
Honum, ChloeFainting
Horneber, ElizabethA Frame Also Is Like Love
Kohler, SheilaIn a Woman’s Kingdom
LeClair, TomPassing Away
Manyika, Sarah LadipoComing of Age in the Time of the Hoodie
McCallum-Smith, SusanSmithereens
Melnyczuk, AskoldShadowboxing: No, Really: What Is To Be Done in Ukraine
Naselli, MaraBodies in Motion
Oliveira, MelissaAnalog
Pierce, WilliamCrucibles: Is Knausgaard for Real?
Schuleit Haber, AnnaIn a Foyer (a) and an Attic (b)
Schuleit Haber, AnnaTiles, Clouds, Boys, and Penicillin
Spark, DebraThe Dangerous Act of Writing
Szczuciński, AdamTaormina, Traces
Ulin, David L.Kinehora
Wrenn, Greg“Immortality on Their Faces”: The Persistence of Autobiography of Red

Attallah, NajlaaIn Gaza We Are Not Okay (translated from the Arabic by Andrew Leber)
Bego, ElvisLost in London
Berri, KateArab Summer
Birkerts, SvenTen Broad Swipes at the Problem of Structure in the Essay (and Perhaps Other Genres as Well)
Birkerts, SvenThe Nightcrawler, Joan Miró
Campbell, Mike AndersonMy Father’s Last StoryReprinted from Litragger
Davis, Carol AnnOn Practice, School Buses, Hummingbirds, Rumi, and Being Led
DeRobertis-Theye, NicolaThings We Saw and Bought and Lost
Duffin, K. E.Castle Hill
Eaton, WilliamThe Unsaid
Heller, GabrielMother’s Day, 2013
Horrocks, CaitlinLive Demonstrations of Love
Hryniewicz-Yarbrough, EwaA Non-Sentimental Journey
Journey, AnnaAn Arrangement of Skin
Journey, AnnaA Flicker of Animal, a Flank
Lenney, DinahMetronome
Melnyczuk, AskoldShadowboxing: Eyeless in Gaza and Ukraine
Moffett, RosalieSidney
Purcell, RosamondScenes from an Odyssey: Oscar on the Road
Rowley, JudyLight
Small Staid, MaireadLonging and Other Dimensions
Trahan, ErinIntroduction: A Conversation between Robert Gardner and Peter Matthiessen

Andrade, Max UbelakerOn Coincidence, Collapse, and Textual Bridges
Andrews, NinCasual Business Attire
Andrews, NinThe Dream of the Pussy
Becker, RobinA Tribute to Gail Mazur
Bego, ElvisLet Me Call Back Dark and Bright Days
Birkerts, SvenSemblance: Something Else Again
Birkerts, SvenNotebook: Style
Boyers, RobertThe Controversy Revisted: A Response to van Trotta's Hannah Arendt
Calvert, DrewArt Lies Because It Is Social
Campion, PeterA Tribute to Gail Mazur
Connor, JacksonFarmpost
Dietz, MaggieA Tribute to Gail Mazur
Fleming, BruceAdventures in Philosophy
D’Aroma, FabioSimple But Dangerous
Gilbreath, AaronWhen It Was New: Miles Davis’s “So What”
Hryniewicz-Yarbrough, EwaEuropa, Europa
Melnyczuk, AskoldShadowboxing: A Hospitable Art: Heaney About Town
Okparanta, ChineloA Tribute to Chinua Achebe
Purpura, LiaBrief Treatise Against Irony
Rivard, DavidA Tribute to Gail Mazur
Schwartz, Lynne SharonYou Gotta Have Heart
Schwartz, LloydA Tribute to Gail Mazur: Introduction
Tulathimutte, TonyBoredom’s Afterlife
Waldron, NicolaBolognese

Baingana, DoreenTuk-Tuk Trail to Suya and Stars
Benfey, ChristopherOn Lowell
Birkerts, SvenVertigo
Bonnefoy, YvesMy Memories of Armenia (translated from the French by John Naughton)
Campion, PeterOn Lowell
Cooley, MarthaGo Tell Your Father
Donovan, MattHouse of the Faun, Pompeii
Gardner, RobertRobert Lowell, Image and Reflection
Gardner, RobertOn Lowell
Gewanter, DavidOn Lowell
Gowrie, GreyOn Lowell
Hamilton, SaskiaOn Lowell

Hassan, Ihab

Despots in the Sand: A Quizzical Memoir
Hill, KathleenMy Apple Tree, My Brightness
Howe, FannyOn Lowell
Kinsella, JohnAutography 4
Lenney, DinahBreakfront
Levin, DanaOn Lowell
Marchant, FredOn Lowell
Mazur, GailOn Lowell
McCallum-Smith, SusanAble and Baker: Not Invented Here
Mehlman, JeffreyThe Mozart of the Talmud
Melnyczuk, AskoldShadowboxing: Occupational Hazards
Moore, HonorOn Lowell
Osherow, JacquelineOn Lowell
Pinsky, RobertOn Lowell
Polito, RobertOn Lowell
Prufer, KevinOn Lowell
Rankine, ClaudiaOn Lowell
Riopelle, F. J.Norway and the Prisoners of Peace
Schwartz, LloydOn Lowell
Sleigh, TomOn Lowell
Tillinghast, RichardOn Lowell
Warner, William EatonOn Pointing
Williams, C.K.On Lowell
Weiner, JoshuaOn Lowell

Andrews, NinThe Gay Gene
Andrews, NinHow To Write About Your Family: A Lesson from Peter Taylor
Birkerts, SvenThe Golden Book
Birkerts, SvenI’ll take Hell in a Handbasket for five hundred, Alex.
Boyers, RobertA Beauty
Braunstein, SarahBondage and the Pizza Man
Braverman, BlairRangefinder Girl
Cortázar, Juliofrom From the Observatory (translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean)
Czyz, VincentPlotting Against Plot
Donovan, MattMonkey Mind: A Meditative Path to Perfection
Fetchko, LisaNipper
Hill, KathleenForgiveness
Kadetsky, ElizabethBombing the Ghost
Melnyczuk, AskoldShadowboxing: Beating Toms
Melnyczuk, AskoldShadowboxing: Novelist Eats Babies!
Melnyczuk, AskoldShadowboxing: A Proposal for Unknotting Credit Markets and Restoring Prosperity
Murrow, EthanDust
Pagel, CarylDriving at Night
Percy, JenAzeroth
Pierce, WilliamCrucibles: Walser Before & After
Purpura, LiaMemo Re: Beach Glass
Servon, Jody and Lorene Delany-UllmanIntroduction to the Art Feature
Wilson, JonathanAlbrecht Dürer, W.G. Sebald, and My Father
West, PaulThe Place Where Things Are Alone with One Another: Tucson
Wolf, LouisaFour Shorts about Feet

Abildskov, MarilynHatless
Andrews, NinMy Father, the Good Bull
Barber, PhyllisThe Knife Handler
Birkerts, SvenMind’s Matter
Church, StevenAll of a Dither
Dow, MarkTe Fuiste Sin Siquiera Despedirte
Dow, MarkThe Thickness of Soup or Hair
Driscoll, EllenBird’s Eye
Giraldi, WilliamThrill Me: Barry Hannah in Memoriam
Gorham, SarahOn Selfishness
Lemon, AlexMy Misogyny
Lenney, DinahFlight Jacket
Melnyczuk, AskoldShadowboxing: All Hail Private Manning!
Melnyczuk, AskoldShadowboxing: The Falling Trees, The Burning Forest
Moldaw, CarolThe Bottom Line
Purpura, LiaAgainst “Gunmetal”
Scalise, MikeThe Drowning Lifeguard
Schaffzin, EliezraMiss Schaffzin is a Tall, Thin, Casually Groomed White Female in No Distress
Schwartz, Lynne SharonThe Piano
Vander Zee, AntonWhitman, Lately
West, PaulThe Lightning-Rod Man: The Migraine Headache as Heuristic Tool
Wolf, AlisaLokshen Kugel

Bauer, DouglasHere Were the Two of Us at Exactly This Moment

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