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Retail Job Seeking Tips

Your cover letter is the statement you will be making to the places you apply. As such, you want to have a cover letter of superior quality to help you get jobs in Retail. These tips will help guide you in crafting your cover letter.
1. All lists in your cover letter should be in bullet point format. A bullet point format makes it easier to read and review your cover letter. Each bullet list should have one or two columns, with four to eight points per column.
2. Your cover letter can make or break your chances at getting a job. If you lie anywhere on your cover letter, it will most certainly break your chances of working anywhere.
3. A Summary of Qualifications can bring your cover letter to an even higher level. This four to six line section can be a little paragraph at the top of your cover letter, and should focus on your most outstanding talents and abilities.
4. Save personal pronouns for the cover letter. Any “I,” “you,” or “we” detracts from a cover letter and slows the reader down. Think of statements in your cover letter as first-person sentences with the personal pronouns removed.
5. Don’t include information about having obtained a GED or having graduated high school unless that is your highest level of education.

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I am writing to apply for the grocery store stocker job you advertised for Dillon’s Grocery Store. My previous experience includes working as a stocker for Walmart Supercenter and I understand how grocery stores work. I am able to repeatedly lift fifty pounds and to inventory shelves for stocking needs.

When I stock groceries in the grocery store side of Walmart, I am sure to rotate them by expiration date so the items that will expire sooner are at the front of the shelves. I make sure to keep my cart out of the way of customers so they are able to get by with their shopping carts while I’m stocking shelves. When I see items that are close to the expiration date, I pull them to put on the discounted groceries shelf.

I work really well as a grocery store team member. I understand my job and work with others to get the task done. I take direction well from supervisors.

I would enjoy working at Dillon’s as a grocery store stocker and would do a good job. I am dependable and always show up on time. I have attached my resume and ask you to call for an interview.


Jonathan Smith

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