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Congratulations, you've reached The Outsiders information page. On this page you will find a link to an online text, links to HW questions, and a link to the daily reader response prompts from class! Wow! Such fun! :)

Daily Reader Response Questions: These are the questions/ideas for each day we read in class. Before reading, choose a possible type of response you will do. After reading, spend 10m writing a reflection/response in your spiral. Each group can begin their group work by sharing and listening to one another.

Reading Extension Activity: This will be an in-class AND at home assignment. The plan is to have one activity will be due every two weeks. You should choose a new activity each time. 


Reading Progress Updates (if you are absent, please be caught up when you return):
  • Friday 10/24: Ch. 4, pp. 53- 62 ¶2
  • Tuesday 10/28: Finished Ch. 4 
  • Monday 11/3: Read all of Ch. 5
  • Thursday 11/6: Ch. 6, pp. 85-90
  • Friday 11/7: Ch. 6, pp. 85-End of Chapter
  • Wednesday 11/12: Ch. 7, pp. 100-106
  • Friday 11/14: Ch. 7, pp. 106-114
  • Monday 11/17: Ch. 7-8 pp. 114-122
  • Wednesday 11/19: Ch. 8 pp. 122-127 (You are responsible for the rest of the chapter).
  • Monday 11/24: Ch. 9 pp. 131-140
  • Wednesday 11/25: Finish Ch. 9
  • Wednesday 12/3: Read all of Ch. 10
  • Tuesday 12/9: Ch. 11
  • Thursday 12/11: Ch. 12 pp. 167-174
  • Friday 12/12: Finished the book!

RRJ Extra Credit Assignment (5pts)

Outsiders Final Essay Options (5 ¶ each) -- Links to actual resources at the bottom

1. Theme: Choose one theme from the book, explain it, and provide at least three examples (with ICE'd quotations) that "prove" it. Then, make a personal connection.

2. Character Change: Which character changed the most? Prove it.

  • What were they like at the beginning? (Prove it!)

  •  What events changed them? (Prove it!)
  • What were they like at the end? (Prove it!)

3. Compare/Contrast two characters with a focus on how stereotypes and life experiences may have affected each of them and why.*

  • You'll need to explain character one in detail and use proof from the text.
  • You'll need to explain character two in detail and use proof from the text.
  • You'll need to compare/contrast how each character dealt with similar circumstances in different ways AND infer why that might have been the case.
  • *This is a very challenging essay. Please see me first if you think you'd like to do this.
Links to Assignment Resources:

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