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Assignment Calculator Uoft

Here are some of the free academic resources offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Colleges.

The Assignment Calculator

This is an excellent tool hosted on the UTSC web site, but everyone can use it.

The purpose of the calculator is to help you break down your assignment or project into manageable steps, direct you to useful guides & services (particularly the Library and Writing Centres). If you log in and supply an email address, it will also email you reminders and links on the schedule calculated.

U of T Libraries

U of T’s library system has more than 30 branches. A variety of services are provided by library staff, including individual consultations on research strategies, workshops on library and online research, guides to research within a variety of subjects, and group study room reservations.


Writing at U of T web site

Writing is one of the core skills you should develop as a student at the University of Toronto. This site provides some great information about the many stages of academic writing: planning, researching, referencing, writing, and editing. Frequently asked questions about academic writing are addressed, with concrete suggestions about how to deal with common writing problems. Some resources for English language learners are also available on this site.


Academic Success Centre

Offers a wide variety of services and programming to help students meet their academic and personal goals at the University. Individualized learning skills consultations are available by appointment, or on a first-come, first-served basis for drop-in visitors. You can reserve private study space, attend workshops and lectures related to academic success (e.g., “Stop Procrastinating!”, “Overcoming Exam Anxiety”, “Giving Oral Presentations”), or consult their library of helpful publications about best learning practices.


Chemistry Peer Tutoring

Victoria College tutors help with Labs, concepts, and past test questions. Tutoring is free and open to all enrolled Arts and Science chemistry students.


Math Aid Centres

The Department of Mathematics provides free math assistance to all first-year Arts & Science students, with one-on-one tutoring available.


Statistics Aid Centres

The Department of Statistics provides free statistical help to undergraduate students.


Economics Study Centre

The Department of Economics provides free assistance to students enrolled in core undergraduate economics courses.


Philosophy Essay Clinic

The Department of Philosophy provides free assistance to students enrolled in philosophy courses at the University.


English Language Learning (ELL)

The English Language Learning Program supports all U of T undergraduates enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science whose first language is not English (ESL or multilingual students), as well as native speakers seeking to improve their English language skills.


College-Specific Resources

The Colleges in the Faculty of Arts & Science all have useful resources:

The Office of the Registrar within each College can provide information, counselling, and referrals on a wide range of academic, personal, and financial issues.

Every College has a Writing Centre, where you can have your skills assessed, receive personalized individual instruction, and work to improve your written communication. Some Colleges also have additional resources to assist with other common assignments you may encounter, such as math problems.

Innis College

2 Sussex Avenue, M5S 1J5

Office of the Registrar: (416) 978-2513; registrar.innis@utoronto.ca

New College

300 Huron Street, M5S 3J6

Office of the Registrar: (416) 978-2460; newcollege.registrar@utoronto.ca

St. Michael’s College

81 St. Mary Street, M5S 1J4

Office of the Registrar: (416) 926-7117; ask.smc@utoronto.ca

Trinity College

6 Hoskin Avenue, M5S 1H8

Office of the Registrar: (416) 978-2687; registrar@trinity.utoronto.ca

University College

15 King’s College Circle, M5S 3H7

Office of the Registrar: (416) 978-3170; uc.registrar@utoronto.ca

Victoria College

73 Queen’s Park Crescent, M5S 1K7

Office of the Registrar: (416) 585-4508; vic.registrar@utoronto.ca

Woodsworth College

119 St. George Street, M5S 1A9

Office of the Registrar: (416) 978-4444; wdwregistrar@utoronto.ca


This tool allows to calculate the mark you need to get on the remaining exam based on the current marks you've received so far and the desired final mark.

Populate Mark and Weight or % fields for the assignments you've completed already. Then enter the weight for the remaining assignment/exam and the desired final grade. Click the Calculate button to calculate the mark you need to get on your exam to achieve the target.

For simple average enter weight of 1 for each mark or leave all Weight or % fields empty.

This tool supports both numerical and alpha/letter grades. In order to perform calculation, letter/alpha grades will be converter to numbers as per 4.0 scale (see the table below).

The Get Link button generates a URL for this page with all currently entered data and then shortens it using the Google URL Shortener service goo.gl. If you save or bookmark the short link, you can return to your calculation at a later time.

This grade conversion table (undergraduate) is used by the University of Toronto

LetterPercentage4.0 Scale

Information Source:
UofT Assessment and Grading Practices Policy

This tool is intended to be used as a guide only. Contact your school or institution for an exact determination.

This page uses Google URL Shortener service goo.gl to generate short links. Note that, as stated by Google, "All goo.gl URLs and click analytics are public and can be accessed by anyone" - so use at your discretion.

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