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Architectural Dissertation Topics

20 Winning Dissertation Titles In Architecture: Expert Suggestions

A successful dissertation begins with a powerful title. While your dissertation committee will read and evaluate your project, other readers might overlook your work if the title is weak. A strong title will use the perfect amount of words to show the reader exactly what you are trying to prove. A weak title will mislead the reader into thinking the paper is about something else. You want to show the reader the outcomes you are expecting and the context of the research that was conducted. Here are some title ideas for a dissertation in architecture:

  1. 1. Including the right amount of restrooms in large public venues
  2. 2. Designing organic structures that will withstand time
  3. 3. How to show culture in structures
  4. 4. Creating architectural beauty and purpose while staying within a budget
  5. 5. Using architecture to redefine a city
  6. 6. Updating century-old buildings without losing character
  7. 7. Cathedrals: Recreating the old world on a new world budget
  8. 8. Maximizing size in miniature homes
  9. 9. Using architecture to create healthy spaces in hospitals
  10. 10. Deconstructing the typical school to encourage creativity and collaboration
  11. 11. Architectural trends at transportation hubs
  12. 12. Outdoor architecture: Creating retreats in small urban backyards
  13. 13. The power of fresh air: Moving away from permanently closed windows in 20th century buildings
  14. 14. Getting people to move through energizing architecture
  15. 15. The mixed-use neighborhood: Trending Up or Down
  16. 16. Educating the masses on the power of architecture: What is the best method?
  17. 17. Architecture and Climate Change. What happens when location, location, location no longer exists?
  18. 18. Including elements of famous architects without copying their work
  19. 19. Creating healthy living spaces in third-world countries
  20. 20. Architecture and the family. The need for togetherness and privacy

Your architecture dissertation topic will need to reflect your specialty interest. If you plan to design homes, you should not write a dissertation where you explore the architecture of famous bridges. You want to use this time to investigate the latest research in architecture so you can show your committee that you are committed to the industry. Your dissertation could lead you to a lucrative career, so it is important that you take time creating the perfect topic and title for your work. Before you commit to a title, you should always check it against the requirements for your paper. Your school might have a word or character limit that you need to follow. Staying within the requirements shows your committee that you paid attention to the rules.

Abbas, Yasmine, web page
Chair of Design Management, Paris College of Art
… SMArchS 2001, subgrp: hi, Embodiment: Mental and Physical Geographies of the Neo-nomad (William Porter)
received a DDes from Harvard University

AbdelAzim, Mariam, web page
Researcher and Gallery Assistant, Storefront for Art and Architecture
… SMArchS 2014, subgrp: hi, Re-Urbanizing Ismailia By Implementing an Urban Infill Housing Approach (Michael Dennis)

Abed, Jamal H., web page
Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Design, AZM University, Tripoli, Lebanon; Director of Palanning & Design and Partner, Millenium Development International
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: hi, Traditional Building Trades and Crafts in Changing Socio-economic Realities and Present Aesthetic Values: Case Studies in Syria (Ronald Lewcock)

Abu Hantash, Tawfig, web page
Associate Professor, American University of Ras al Khaimah; Principal Designer, GDAR Group For Design and Architectural Research
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: hi, Ibn Khaldun and the City: A Study of the Physical Formation of Medieval Cairo (Stanford Anderson)

Agrawal, Vivek, web page
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co, Japan
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Reading Context in Design (William Porter)

Ahmed, Imran, web page
Executive Managing Director, CBRE Capital Advisors
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, The Journey from New Delhi to Islamabad: Dependence and Subversion in the Ambivalent Expression of Nationhood (Francesco Passanti)

Ahmed, K. Iftekhar
… SMArchS 1991, subgrp: hi, Up to the Waist in Mud!: the Assessment and Application of Earth-derivative Architecture in Rural Bangladesh (Ronald Lewcock)

Akbar, Jamel A., web page
… SMArchS 1981, subgrp: hi, Support for Court-Yard Houses. Riyad, Saudi Arabia (N. John Habraken)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Akhtar, Saima, web page
Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: hi, Shangri La: Architecture as Collection (Nasser Rabbat and Caroline Jones)
received a PhD from University of California, Berkeley

Akkar, Ghita
President, Highline Development, Boston
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: hi, A Cultural, Customizable and Prefabricated Housing Grammar for Casablanca (Terry Knight and Reinhard Goethert)

al Husseini, Dalia
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: hi, Aqaba's Old Town: Proposed Model for Community Development within the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (Reinhard Goethert)

Al Kazzaz, Tarek
Managing Partner, AlMutawir, Kuwait
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: ht, A Critique of the Logic of Consumption in Postmodern Architecture: The Museum as a Case Study (Stanford Anderson)

al-Harithy, Howayda, web page
Professor, American University, Beirut, Lebanon
… SMArchS 1987, subgrp: hi, Architectural Form and Meaning in Light of Al Jurjani's Literary Theories (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from Harvard University

Al-Masri, Wa'el M.
Chief Architect, Wael Al-Masri Planners and Architects (WMPA)
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Architecture and the Question of Identity: Issues of Self-representation in Islamic Community Centers in America (Masood A. Khan)

Alamuddin, Hana, web page
Principal and Architect, Almimariya, Architects and Designers for Sustainable Development; Senior lecturer, American University of Beirut
… SMArchS 1987, subgrp: hi, Waterfront Developments in the Middle East Case Study: the Golden Horn Project, Istanbul, Turkey (Ronald Lewcock)

Ali al-Zaghmouri, Mohammed K.
Industrial Professor, German Jordanian University; Founder, GDAR Group For Design and Architectural Research
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: hi, The Use of Precedents in Contemporary Arab Architecture, Case Studies: Rasem Badran and Henning Larsen (Stanford Anderson)

Alkhabbaz, Mohammed
PhD Candidate, Illinois Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hi, Renewable Success: Development of Good Architecture in the Case of Arriyadh Development Authority, Saudi Arabia (Mark Jarzombek)

Alrabe, Muneerah, web page
… SMArchS 2016, subgrp: hi, Spatial Practice: The Politics of "Activating" Public Space in the State of Kuwait (James Wescoat)

AlSayyad, Nezar M., web page
Professor, University of California, Berkeley
… SMArchS 1981, subgrp: ht, Streets of Islamic Cairo: a configuration of urban themes and patterns (William Porter)
received a PhD from University of California, Berkeley

Amundsen, Minakshi
Asst. Vice Pres. for Facilities and Campus Planning, Colby College
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 1998, subgrp: hi, The Future of the Past - -Conserving the Mellah of Rabat, Morocco (Attilio Petruccioli and John de Monchaux)

Anderson, James, web page
Programmer, Datagraph, Germany
… SMArchS 1986, subgrp: ht, The Architecture of Hans Scharoun: Practice 1933-1945 (Stanford Anderson)

Ani, Raya, web page
Lead Designer-Principal, RAW-NYC Architects
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, In the Shadow of Segregation: Women's Identity in the Modern Iraqi House (Sibel Bozdogan)

Ansari, Sadaf
Associate Director of Studies/Resident Fellow, National University of Singapore
… SMArchS 2003, subgrp: hi, Constructing and Consuming 'Heritage': Popular Perception of Humayun's Tomb (Arindam Dutta and Heghnar Watenpaugh)

Ansari, Zarminae
… SMArchS 1997, subgrp: hi, A Contemporary Architectural Quest and Synthesis: Kamil Khan
Mumtaz in Pakistan (Attilio Petruccioli )

Arida, Saeed, web page
Chief Executive Officer, NuVu
… SMArchS 2004, subgrp: hi, Contextualizing the Generative Design (Terry Knight)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Arkaraprasertkul, Non
Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney, Australia
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: ht, Shanghai Contemporary: The Politics of Built Form (Stanford Anderson and Yung Ho Chang)
received a PhD from Harvard University

As, Imdat
Assistant Professor, University of Hartford
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: hi, Emergent Design: Rethinking of Contemporary Mosque Architecture in Light of Digital Technology (Takehiko Nagakura)
received a DDes from Harvard University

Asfour, Khaled
Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Misr International University, Cairo, Egypt
… SMArchS 1987, subgrp: hi, Dealing with the Incompatible! (Ronald Lewcock)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ashraf, Kazi, web page
Professor, School of Architecture, University of Hawaii at Manoa
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: hi, Architecture as Evocation of Place: Thoughts on An Archtectural "Beginning" in Bangladesh (William Porter)
received a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Autorino, Salvatore
Managing Director - ‎Autorino Associati
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Memory of Islam: Culture and Politics in Sixteenth-century Religious Architecture of Mexico and Peru (Attilio Petruccioli )

Badshah, Akhtar, web page
Chief Catalyst, Catalytic Innovators Group
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Interventions into Old Residential Quarters: the Case of Shahjahanabad (William Porter)

Bagchee, Nandini, web page
Associate Professor, City College of New York
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, Book Illumination and Archiectural Decoration: The Mausoleum of Uljaytu in Sultaniyya (Nasser Rabbat)

Basrai, Zameer, web page
Architect, TheBusride Design Studio, and Architect at Splitlabs, Mumbai, India
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: hi, The New Citizens: A Study in Architectural Identity of Public Philanthropic Institutions Built by Two Isma`ili Communities in Contemporary Bombay (James Wescoat)

Behle Fralick, Chelsea, web page
Lecturer, University of San Diego
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: ht, "Art is Love is God": Wallace Berman and the Transmission of 'Aleph', 1956-66 (Caroline Jones)

Bernier, Beatrice N., web page
Founder, Beatrice Bazaar Cutting Edge Jewelry, London. UK
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, Fashion, City, People (Leila Kinney)

Beshir, Tarek, web page
Managing Director, Tarek Beshir Architects, Cairo
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Architecture Beyond Cultural Polictics: Western Practice in the Arabian Peninsula (Sibel Bozdogan)

Bhalla, Arunjot, web page
Managing Director, India, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Ordering the Land: Urban Metaphors for a Park in Cairo (William Porter)

Bilsel, Can, web page
Professor and Department Chair, Art, Architecture + Art History, University of San Diego
… SMArchS 1996, subgrp: hi, From Scientific Framing to Architectural Reconstruction: The Creation of an Ideal Image at Didyma (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Bonnemaison, Sarah, web page
Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dalhousie University
… SMArchS 1985, subgrp: ht, Lightweight Structures in Urban Design (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the University of British Columbia

Brady, Noel J.
Creative Director, NJBA A+U; Lecturer, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, Towards the Poetic (Imre Halasz)

Bressani, Martin, web page
Professor and Director, School of Architecture, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
… SMArchS 1985, subgrp: ht, Rationalism and the Organic Analogy in Fin-de-Siècle Paris: Auguste Perret and the Building at 25bis, rue Franklin (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the University Paris Sorbonne-- Paris IV

Buelow, Deborah
Principal, CEDAR Architects, Washington, DC
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hd, Peripheral Memory: New York's Forgotten Landscape (Mark Jarzombek)

Cahn, Elizabeth
Program Coordinator, Cancer Connection
… SMArchS 1986, subgrp: ht, The Lawn and the Forest: Architectural Landscape in the Work of Thomas Jefferson and Frank Lloyd Wright (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Cakmakli, Oruc
… SMArchS 1983, subgrp: hi, Transformation of Traditional Design Concepts into Contemporary Architecture (Eric Dluhosch)

Camerlenghi, Nicola (Nick), web page
Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: ht, Michaelangelo's "Libreria Secreta" (David Friedman)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Capdevila Werning, Remei
Director of Education & Public Programs, El Museo del Barrio, New York City
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: ht, Construing Reconstruction: The Barcelona Pavilion and Nelson Goodman's Aesthetic Philosophy (Erika Naginski)
received a PhD from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Chernyakova, Irina, web page
Director of Publications and Exhibitions, MIT Department of Architecture
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: ht, Systems of valuation (Arindam Dutta and Mark Jarzombek)

Chowdhury, Asiya
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, The Persistent Metaphor: Gender in the Representations of the Cairene House by Edward W. Lane and Hassan Fathy (Sibel Bozdogan)

Chung, Yueh-Minne
Architect, Y Min Chung, Pinole, CA
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, Columns and Walls: The Interplay between Structure and Space (Stanford Anderson)

Chuong, Jennifer, web page
Research Fellow, Smithsonian American Art Museum
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: ht, "Art is a Hardy Plant": Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Cultivation of a Transitional Aesthetics (Arindam Dutta and Mark Jarzombek)
received a MA from Harvard University

Cipriani, Barbara
Project Manager II, AECOM Tishman
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hi, Development of Construction Techniques in the Mamluk Domes of Cairo (Nasser Rabbat)

Corm, Tamara H.
Director, Pace Gallery London
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, "La Revelation m'est venue de L'Orient" Henri Matisse, 1947 (Nasser Rabbat)

Dackiw, Walter
Real Estate Developer - Czech Republic
… SMArchS 1985, subgrp: ht, Just Spaces, Just Places: towards a theory of Justice for human action in time and space (Edward Robbins)

Datey, Aparna
… SMArchS 1996, subgrp: hi, Cultural Production and Identity in Colonial and Post-Colonial Madras, India (Sibel Bozdogan)

Dawood, Azra, web page
PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hi, Failure to Engage: The Breasted-Rockefeller Gift of a New Egyptian Museum and Research Institute at Cairo (1926) (Nasser Rabbat)

De Costa, Alfred
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: hi, A Reinterpretation of 'Sense of Place': A Study of the Stone Town Zanzibar (Ronald Lewcock)

de Silva, Nushelle, web page
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: ht, Assembling Smallness: The American Small Industries Exhibition, Ceylon 1961 (Arindam Dutta)

DeBartolo, III, Jack
DeBartolo Architects, Phoenix, AZ
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: ht, The Perception of Illumination: The Phenomenological Dimension of Natural Light in the Making of the Urban Sanctuary (Stanford Anderson)

Demerdash, Nancy, web page
Visiting Assistant Professor, Wells College, Aurora, NY
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: hi, Mapping Myths of the Medina: Orientalist Visions, French Colonial Urbanism, and the Politics of Heritage in Marrakesh (Nasser Rabbat)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Demirtas, Aslihan
Principal, Aslihan Demirtas Design & Research
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, Artificial Nature: Water Infrastructure and its Experience as Natural Space (William Porter and Sibel Bozdoğan)

Deser, Abigail, web page
Director & Designer, Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
… SMArchS 1991, subgrp: ht, Defining the Public: Three Moments of Audience Address in 20th Century Artistic Production (Benjamin Buchloh)

Diaz-Borioli, Leonardo, web page
Architect; Creative Director, Estudio 3.14, Guadalajara, México
… SMArchS 2003, subgrp: ht, Tilting the Mirror: Packaging Spanish Architecture in Late Nineteenth Century California (Arindam Dutta)

Dietz, Thomas M
Architect, BGD&C Corp. Chicago, IL
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: ht, The Road from Pope to King: Il Corso Vittorio Emanuele II (David Friedman)

El Hayek, Chantal, web page
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: hi, The Last Levantine City: Beirut, 1830-1930 (Nasser Rabbat)

el-Khoury, Rodolphe, web page
Dean of the University of Miami School of Architecture; Partner, Khoury Levit Fong (KLF)
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, The Architecture of Montage: A Critical Inquiry into the Work of Machado/Silvetti (Francesco Passanti)
received a PhD from Princeton University

ElKatsha, Markus
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 2000, subgrp: hi, The Evolution of Al Azhar Street, Al-Qahira, Egypt (John de Monchaux)

Elshahed, Mohamed, web page
Project Curator, The British Museum
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: hi, Facades of Modernity: Image, Performance and Transformation in the Egyptian Metropolis (Nasser Rabbat)
received a PhD from New York University

Emami, Farshid
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: hi, Civic Visions, National Politics, and International Designs: Three Proposals for a New Urban Center in Tehran (1966 - 1976) (James Wescoat)

Erten, Erdem
Associate Professor, Izmir Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: ht, Questioning Horatios Grenough's Thoughts on Architecture (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Eskandari, Maryam
Principal Designer, MIIM Designs
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: hi, Women Places and Spaces in Contemporary American Mosque (Nasser Rabbat)

Etemad Yousefi, Arash
The Ventin Group Architects, Toronto, Canada
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hi, Medieval Islamic and Gothic Architectural Drawings: Masons, Craftsmen and Architects (David Friedman)

Evans, J. Chris
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: ht, Imminence and Immanence: Embodied Meaning in Architectural Experience (Francesco Passanti)

Feng, Zisong
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Conceptual Urbanism: Towards a Method of Urban Form and Urban Design (William Porter)

Fenske, Gail, web page
Professor of Architecture, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
… SMArchS 1982, subgrp: ht, The Tower: a Study in Change of Meaning (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fischer, Rio, web page
… SMArchS 2017, subgrp: hi, Aesthetics of the Qur'anic Epigraphy on the Taj Mahal ()

Francisco, Scott, web page
Architect; Director, Pilot Projects Design Collective, New York, NY
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hd, Useable Space (Mark Jarzombek)

Friedman, Nathan, web page
Director, Departamento del Distrito, Mexico City
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: ht, Hypothetical Geography: Constituting Limits on a New American Frontier (Ana Miljacki)

Furguiele, Antonio, web page
Associate Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: ht, Architecture of the Cloud, Virtualization Takes Command:Llearning from black boxes, data centers and an architecture of the conditioned environment (Mark Jarzombek)

Ge, Wenjun
Architect, Boston, MA
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: hd, Social Congestion in Shanghai: A Urban Housing Designed on Its Sections (Stanford Anderson and Yung Ho Chang)

González, Robert, web page
Assistant Professor of Architecture, Tulane University
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: ht, Sunset Magazine: In Search of a House for Western Living (Royston Landau)
received a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley

Greeley, Robin, web page
Associate Professor, Department of Art History, University of Connecticut
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, Image, Text and the Female Body: Rene Magritte and the Surrealist Publication (Anne Wagner)
received a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley

Grigor, Talinn, web page
Professor of Art History, University of California, Davis
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: hi, Construction of History: Mohammad-Reza Shah Revivalism, Nationalism, and Monumental Architecture of Tehran, 1951-1979 (Nasser Rabbat)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gul, Marium
Intermediate Designer, Forrec, Ltd
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: hi, Mitigating Floods: Reconstructing Lives: Rehabilitating Thatta (James Wescoat)

Gulyani, Sumila
Global Lead for Urban Development Strategy and Analytics, World Bank
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 1992, subgrp: hi, Rethinking Resettlement--Employment, Negotiation and Land in Singrauli, India (Lisa Peattie)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hadimioglu, Cagla J.
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: hi, Proscribed Scenes from a Monument (Nasser Rabbat)

Haider, Deeba
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: hi, The Growing Pains of Global Cities - Struggles in the Urban Environment of Dubai and Singapore (Nasser Rabbat)
received a Consultant

Haller Hudson, Margaret
Service Design Lead, Fjord Design
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: ht, Delimiting The Grid: Naturalized Technology as Bodily Salvation in Domebooks 1-3 (Mark Jarzombek)

Haq, Saif, web page
Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Texas Tech University
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, Meaning in Architecture: an Investigation of the Indigenous Environment in Bangladesh (Ronald Lewcock)
received a PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology

Hassan, S. Faisal
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: ht, Pan - Orao and Historical Necessity: Adjusted Frames and Optical Settlement (William Mitchell)

Hays, K. Michael, web page
Associate Dean for Academics and Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory, Harvard University
… MArchAS 1979, subgrp: ht, Reference, Coherence, Meaning: A Realist Epistemology of Art (Henry Millon)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Heinemann, Svea M.
TU Berlin
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: ht, A Culture of Appropriation: Strategies of Temporary Reuse in East Germany (Mark Jarzombek)

Hirji, Fatima
Associate Designer, ‎Denver Design Build LLC
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: hi, Building New Thoughts: The Aga Khan Award for Architecture (Nasser Rabbat)

Holmes, Jeffrey
Architect, Riverside, CA
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: ht, Vsevolod Meyerhold: Modernism, Mass Culture and the Russian Avant Garde Stage (Benjamin Buchloh)

Hubbard, Bill
Retired Architect, Boston, MA
… MArchAS 1976, subgrp: ht, "A System of Formal Analysis for Architectural Composition" (Stanford Anderson)

Ikert, Amanda
Head of Adaptation and Water, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 2005, subgrp: hi, Negotiating Community amongst Spatial and Identity Boundaries: The Case of "Unity in Diversity" in the Transmigration Settlement of Mopugad, Indonesia (John de Monchaux and Robert Cowherd)

Ikonomidis-Doumbas, Agis, web page
Architect, Oikonomidis Architects, Athens
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: ht, Adaptive Reuse and the Museum: Installing a Museum in a Preexisting Shell (Francesco Passanti)

Ismail, Tanya, web page
… SMArchS 2016, subgrp: hi, Passive Architecture Tool for Exploratory Design: Case of Qatar (James Wescoat)

Jacobson, Samuel, web page
Designer-Editor, HAHA Design, Los Angeles, CA
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: ht, Notes on Sexuality & Space (Mark Jarzombek)

Jalia, Aftab, web page
PhD Candidate, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge, UK
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: hi, Refiguring the Sketch: The Nari Gandhi Cartographic (Stanford Anderson and Rahul Mehrotra)
received a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley

James, Allison, web page
Producer in Residence, Art, Culture and Technology Program, MIT
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: hi, The Architecture of Procession: Political and Spiritual Pathways between the Qutb Shahi Necropolis and Golconda Fortress (Nasser Rabbat)

Jarrar, Sabri
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: hi, A Memory Syndrome: Selfhood and Otherness at the Wailing Wall (David Friedman)

Johnson, Adam Fulton, web page
PhD Candidate, University of Michigan
… SMArchS 2011, subgrp: ht, American Archaeology and the Conceptualization of Preservation: Edgar Lee Hewett and the Crafting of the 1906 Antiquities Act (Mark Jarzombek)

Kallipoliti, Lydia, web page
Assistant Professor, Rensselaer Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2004, subgrp: hd, Dross: Re-genesis of diverse matter-a design post-praxis (Mark Goulthorpe and Ann Pendleton-Julian)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Kanekar, Aarati
Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, Celebration of Place: Processional Rituals and Urban Form (Julian Beinart)
received a PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology

Kanipak, Ömer, web page
Photographer, Yercekim Architectural Photography
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: ht, Modernism and Dwelling: Residential Architecture in Early Republican Turkey (Sibel Bozdogan)

Katsavounidou, Garyfallia (Fyllio)
Architect, City of Veria, Greece
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: ht, Invisible Parentheses: Mapping (out) the City and Its Histories (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from the Department of Architecture at the University of Thessaly

Katz, Sarah, web page
Project Leader, University of Pennsylvania
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: ht, Bonsai Imperium: Plant Capitalism in the U.S. and Japan, 1853-1924 (Caroline Jones)

Keyvanian, Carla L., web page
Associate Professor, Auburn University
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: ht, Manfredo Tafuri's Notion of History and its Methodological Sources: From Walter Benjamin to Roland Barthes (Benjamin Buchloh)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Khan, Masood A.
Principal, Masood A. Khan Architecture Planning and Conservation, Massachusetts; Senior Architect and Planner, Aga Khan Trust for Culture
… SMArchS 1983, subgrp: hi, 'Informal' Architecture: An Examination of Some Adaptive Processes in Architectural Tradition (Stanford Anderson)

Khan, Sikander I.
Managing Partner, Mimar Consultants
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: hi, In Search of A Direction in the Contemporary Architecture of Arabia (Ronald Lewcock)

Khodr, Ali, web page
Adjunct Faculty, Boston Architectural College
… SMArchS 2017, subgrp: hi, Planning a Sectarian Topography: Revisiting Michael Ecohard's Master Plans for Beirut 1941-1964 ()

Khorakiwala, Ateya Asgar, web page
2017-18 Council on the Humanities / Princeton-Mellon Fellow
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: ht, The State of Roads: Public Works as Research, India circa 1960 (Arindam Dutta)
received a PhD from Harvard University

Kivlan, Anna K, web page
Research Associate, Duke University
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: ht, An Eye for Vulgarity: How MoMA Saw Color through Wild Bill's Lens (Erika Naginski)
received a PhD from Duke University

Kokkoris, Panos
… MArchAS 1980, subgrp: ht, Taste. A Commentary on its Genesis, Nature and Claims (Stanford Anderson)

Kondur, Sunitha, web page
Partner, Hundredhands, Bangalore
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, Rediscovering "Place": Enhancing the Built Heritage of Singapore (John de Monchaux and Hasan-Uddin Khan)

Kösebay Erkan, Yonca, web page
Associate Professor, Kadir Has University
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: hi, An Interpretive Analysis of Matrakci Nashu's Beyan-i Menazil: Translating Text into Image (Nasser Rabbat)
received a PhD from Istanbul Technical University

Kotab, Basel
Practice Leader, HOK, Dubai
… SMArchS 1991, subgrp: hi, Spatial Layering: An Effect of Cubist Concepts on 20th Century Architecture (Ronald Lewcock)

Kotob, Jenine, web page
Architectural Designer, Quinn Evans Architects
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: hi, Redefining Learning Environments in Conflict Areas: A Palestinian Case Study (James Wescoat)

LaGuette, Victoria
… SM 1998, subgrp: hd, A Guide to Source Materials of the Life and Work of Lawrence B. Anderson '30 (Mark Jarzombek)

Lai, Constance C
Manager of Historic Preservation Services, Grunley Construction, Rockville, MD
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: ht, Charles Eames and Communication: from Education to Computers (Mark Jarzombek)

Lee, Tonghoon, web page
Associate Professor, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: ht, Architecture and Tactility: Peter Zumthor's Thermal Baths in Vals and the Hybridization of the Two Motifs of Tactility--Materiality and Movement (Mark Jarzombek)

Leiter, Jeffrey
Principal, Slumbrew Beer, Somerville, Ma
… SMArchS 1997, subgrp: ht, Erich Mendelsohn: constructing an image of modernity between Expressionism and the 1920's avant-garde (Mark Jarzombek)

Lettow, Ash, web page
Adjunct Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: ht, The Prospect (Mark Jarzombek)

Levashov, Georgiy
Freelance Programmer & Developer
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: hi, Computer Analyses of the Historical Development of Bukhara City from 5th c. B.C. to the 19th c. A.D (Attilio Petruccioli )

Lewis, Hilary, web page
Senior Editor, Tropic Magazine
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, The Rhode Island State House: The Competition (1890-1892) (Stanford Anderson)

Liss, Alyson
Project Manager, Dineen Architecture + Design
… SMArchS 2006, subgrp: ht, The Rhetoric of Architecture and the Language of Pleasure: The Maison de Plaisance in Eighteenth Century France (Erika Naginski)

Liuni, Francesca, web page
Independent Exhibition Designer
… SMArchS 2016, subgrp: hi, Experiencing Mathematical Proves: Syntax of an Astrolabe (Azra Aksamija and George Stiny)

Lo, Melissa
Assistant Curator, The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: ht, Ideal Pathologies: Jean-Marc Bourgery's Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme (1831-1854) (David Friedman)
received a PhD in History of Science from Harvard University

Losonczy, Serena
Project Leader, University of Pennsylvania
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, The Form and Use of Public Space in a Changing Urban Context (Michael Dennis)

Low, Kevin, web page
Director, Small Projects, Kuala Lampur, and Adjunct Professor, University of Queensland
… SMArchS 1991, subgrp: hi, The Dislocated Mind: in the Heart of Reverie (Ronald Lewcock)

Lui, Ann Lok, web page
Assistant Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Principal, Future Firm
… SMArchS 2015, subgrp: ht, Extra-Architectural SOM and the Bureaucratic Avante-Garde (Arindam Dutta)

Mahmood , Saman
Director, ICON Atelier, Inc
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: hi, "Shelter Within My Reach": Medium-Rise Apartment Housing for the Middle-Income
Group in Karachi, Pakistan. (Reinhard Goethert)

Malik, Hala Bashir, web page
Architect and Principal, Resttling the Indus, Pakistan
… SMArchS 2014, subgrp: hi, Enabling and Inhibiting Urban Development: a Case Study of Lahore Improvement Trust as a Late Colonial Institution (James Wescoat)

Martin, Louis, web page
Professor, University of Quebec at Montreal
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, Architectural Theory after 1968: Analysis of the Works of Rem Koolhaas and Bernard Tschumi (Francesco Passanti)
received a PhD from Princeton University

Mathews, Jonathan
Director, Change Management Associates Ltd
… MArchAS 1978, subgrp: ht, The Implications of Theories of Knowledge and Meanings for Theories of Architecture (Stanford Anderson)
received a MBA from the London Business School

Mazarakis, Valeria
Architect and Independent scholar
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: ht, Residences Secondaires: How Eisenman Houses Fictive Structures of History (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

McMahon, Catherine F.
Design Strategist, CONTIUUM, Shanghai, China
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: ht, Between Nature and Artifice: The Landscape Architecture Research Office (1966-1979) (Arindam Dutta)

Mejel Al-Gaood, Jalal B., web page
Chairman, IWAN Architecture and Design
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: hi, "Falling Upon Deaf Ears:" The Case of Colloquial Architecture (David Friedman)

Metallinou, Vivianna
Director, Thessaloniki Network of Movements; Director, CULTURE PROJECTS, Thessaloniki
… SMArchS 1984, subgrp: ht, Regionalism and Greek Architecture: The Architecture of Dimitris and Susanna Antonakakis (Stanford Anderson)

Miller, Carl Ray, web page
Associate Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: ht, The Problem with Harmony: Architectural Constructs of Proportionality, Music and the Modulor in the 1950's (Mark Jarzombek)

Minosh, Peter
Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: ht, Moderate Utopias: The Reconstruction of Urban Spaces and Modernist Principles in Postwar Feance (Arindam Dutta)

Moore, Nikki, web page
PhD Candidate, Rice University
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hd, Between Work: Michel Foucault, Louis Althusser and Jacques Martin (William Porter)

Morshed, Adnan Z., web page
Associate Professor, The Catholic University of America
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: hi, Dialectics of Vision: The Voyages of Louis I. Kahn 1950-59 (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mosier, Lisa, web page
PhD candidate, Tulane University
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hi, The Morisco House in Granada: Cultural Transition and Domestic Space (Nasser Rabbat)

Moustafa, Amer A., web page
Associate Professor, American University of Sharjah, UAE
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: hi, Architectural Representation and Meaning: Towards a Theory of Interpretation (Ronald Lewcock)
received a PhD from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Murphy, Caroline, web page
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2016, subgrp: ht, Indexing Origins in the "Monasticon Anglicanum" (1655) (Lauren Jacobi)

Nabil, Yasser
Diretor, MAF Properties
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Reconciliations and Continued Polarities in the Works and Theories of Halim and Bakri (William Porter)

Nagaya, Toshiaki
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, Sei'ichi-Shirai and the Subjective Method of Synthesis (David Friedman)

Nanda, Puja
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: hi, The Culture of Building to Craft--a Regional Contemporary Aesthetic: Material Resources, Technological Innovations and the Form Making Process (Ann M. Pendleton-Jullian)

Nardella, Bianca Maria, web page
PhD Candidate, The Bartlett, University College London
… SMArchS 2001, subgrp: hi, Cultural interfaces: (in)visible spaces in the Old City of Jerusalem (Hasan-Uddin Khan)

Nasri, Muhammad
Director of the Faculty of Architecture & Design, Al-Manar University of Tripoli
… SMArchS 1989, subgrp: hi, Research Programs on Geometry and Ornament: A Case Study of Islamicist Scholarship (Stanford Anderson)

Nicholaeff, Doreve, web page
Architect, Nicholeff Architecture + Design, Osterville, MA
… MArchAS 1979, subgrp: ht, The Planning and Development of Copley Square (David Friedman)

Nissen, Anne
Administrator, Rockland 21st Century Collaborative for Children and Youth
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, From the Cheney House to Taliesin: Frank Lloyd Wright and Feminist Mamah Borthwick (David Friedman)

Nitzan-Shiftan, Alona
Associate Professor, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: ht, Erich Mendelsohn: From Berlin to Jerusalem (Royston Landau)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Oza, Nilay
Principal, Oza Sabbeth Architects
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: hi, Puja Pandals: Rethinking an Urban Bamboo Structure (John Fernandez)

Palleroni, Sergio, web page
Professor, Portland State University
… SMArchS 2006, subgrp: ht, The Valle del Yaqui Housing Project: Building the Capacity of Yaqui Women to Help Themselves (Mark Jarzombek)

Pedret, Annie, web page
Associate Professor, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: ht, Within the Text of Kahn (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pieris, Anoma, web page
Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, Tall Buildings in Asia: A Critique on the High-Rise Building in Colombo, Shri Lanka (MA) TheTrouser under the Cloth: Ceylon/Sri Lanka, personal space in decolonization(SM) (Maurice K. Smith)
received a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley

Prakash, Mamta, web page
Consultant, Finanical Management Associates, NYC
… SMArchS 1999, subgrp: hi, Old market, new ideas: revitalization of Aminabad, Lucknow (Julian Beinart)

Pyla, Panayiota, web page
Associate Professor, University of Cyprus
… SMArchS 1994, subgrp: hi, Revisiting Scientific Epistemology in Architecture: 'Ekistics' and Modernism in the Middle East (Sibel Bozdogan)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Quadri, Mahjabeen
… SMArchS 2003, subgrp: hi, Beyond the Traditional: a new paradigm for Pakistan Schools (Reinhard K. Goethert)

Rabie, Omar
Lecturer, Auroville, Earth Institute, and Principal, Unitary Design Studio
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: hi, Revealing the Potential of Compressed Earth Blocks: A Visual Narration (John de Monchaux and John Fernandez)
received a Master of Science from the Architectural Association School of Architecture

Rahmlow, Rebecca S
Architect, Maryann Thompson Architects
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: ht, "Indigenous" | "Vernacular" Negotiating an American History for Modernism Through the Lens of the Architectural Exhibition (Caroline Jones)

Raia, Joseph
Principal, Raia Partnership
… SMArchS 1996, subgrp: hi, Essaouira, Morocco: Redevelopment through the Introduction of a University (Attilio Petruccioli)

Ramachandran, Bijoy, web page
Partner, Hundredhands, Bangalore
… SMArchS 1998, subgrp: ht, In the Service of the Sacred: Development for Conservation (Attilio Petruccioli and Julian Beinart)

Raman, Prassanna, web page
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: hi, Exploring Urban Resilience: Violence and Urban Services in Karachi (James Wescoat)

Ramirez Jasso, Diana, web page
Provost, Boston Architectural College
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: ht, The Aesthetics of Concealment: Weegee in the Movie Theater (1943-1950) (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from Harvard University

Rashid, Mahbub
… SMArchS 1993, subgrp: hi, City Form and Changing Process: The Case of the North End, Boston, 1860-1930 (William Porter)

Raynaud, Pierre
P Raynaud Architecte, Tounus, France
… MArchAS 1980, subgrp: ht, The Role of Design in City Form: Organic and Planned Towns (David Friedman)

Rewal, Arun
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 1992, subgrp: hi, Continuity and Settlement Structure--a Study of Tradiational and Colonial Spatial Patterns in Benares, India (Julian Beinart)

Rudorf, Wolfgang, web page
Assistant Professor, Rhode Island School of Design
… SMArchS 1984, subgrp: ht, The Housing Division of the Public Works Administration in Its Architectural Context (Stanford Anderson)

Rutkouskaya, Hanna, web page
with Douglas C. Wright Architects
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: hi, Redefining Historical Bukhara: Professional Architectural Vision of the National Heritage in late Soviet Uzbekistan (1965 - 1991) (James Wescoat)

Saad, Philippe
Senior Associate, DiMella Shaffer, Boston
… SMArchS 2005, subgrp: hi, Writings for Acquisition, Alexandria, Egyp (Nasser Rabbat)

Sabouni, Farrah, web page
Director of Planning, AUTOARCH Architects
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 2014, subgrp: hi, Introverted Architecture and the Human Dimension: The Conflict of Placemaking in the Disconnected Urban Fabric of Doha, Qatar (Brent Ryan and Nasser Rabbat)

Sakr, Yasir, web page
Assistant Professor, American University of Madaba, Jordan
… SMArchS 1987, subgrp: hi, The Mosque between Modernity and Tradition: A Study of Recent Design of Mosques in the Muslim World (Stanford Anderson)
received a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania

Sarnitz, August, web page
University Professor, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
… SM 1982, subgrp: ht, Rudolph M. Schindler: Theory and Design (Stanford Anderson)

Sartawi, Mais
Architect, Nikken Sekkei Ltd in Dubai
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hi, The Lure of the West: Analyzing the Domination of Western Firms in the Gulf Region (Nasser Rabbat)

Scensor, Sean E.
Deputy Managing Principal, Safdie Architects, Somerville, MA
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: ht, Irving Gill and the Concrete House in California Early Modern Architecture: The Chauncey Dwight Clarke House (Ákos Moravánszky)

Schmidt, Laura Lee, web page
PhD Student, Harvard University
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: hi, Islamic Automata in the Absence of Wonder (Nasser Rabbat)

Sengupta, Ranabir
Senior Associate, Urbahn Architects, New York, NY
… SMArchS 1986, subgrp: hi, Perception of Old Towns, Historicism, and Temporality (Sandra Howell)

Sergie Attar, Lina, web page
CEO, Karam Foundation, Chicago, IL
… SMArchS 2003, subgrp: hi, Recollecting History: Songs, Flags, and A Syrian Square (Heghnar Watenpaugh)

Shaikley, Layla Karim
Business Development Manager, Wise Systems
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: hi, Iraq's Housing Crisis: Upgrading Settlements for IDPS (Internally Displaced Persons) (James Wescoat)

Shetty, Rajmohan
Principal Architect, Rajmohan Shetty and Associates, Bangalore
… SMArchS 1984, subgrp: hi, The Impact of Kinship Systems in the Generation of House Types (Stanford Anderson)

Silberberg, Ross Allen
… SMArchS 1990, subgrp: ht, The Architectural Design Studio as a Method of Inquiry: A Pedagogical Model of the Development of Architectural Knowledge (Francesco Passanti)

Singh, Rupinder
… SMArchS 1997, subgrp: ht, Piranesi's Campo Marzio plan: the palimpsest of interpretive memory (Julian Beinart)

Sobti, Manu, web page
Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland, Australia
… SMArchS 1995, subgrp: hi, Timurid Central Asia and Mughal India: Some Correlations Regarding Urban Design Concepts and the Typology of the Muslim House (Attilio Petruccioli)
received a PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology

Srirojanapinyo, Apichart, web page
Design Director, Stu/D/O Architects, Bangkok, Thailand
… SMArchS 2009, subgrp: hd, Open to the public!: a new network of communal recreation waterfront space in Bangkok (Stanford Anderson)

Srivastava, Manish
… SMArchS and MSRED (dual degree) 1997, subgrp: hi, Architecture and Development as Instruments for Political Control and Marginalization in Lucknow, India (William Porter and Lawrence J. Vale)

Sutton, Summer, web page
PhD Student, Yale University
… SMArchS 2012, subgrp: hi, Implications of "Neo-Orientalist" Conservation in Fez, Morocco: Need for an Innovative Non-Profit Alternative (James Wescoat)

Takenaka, Akiko, web page
Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
… SMArchS 1997, subgrp: ht, The Construction of War-Time National Identity: Japanese Pavilion at New York World's Fair 1939/40 (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from Yale University

Talwar, Pratap
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 1993, subgrp: hi, Incremental Development Schemes: An Evaluation of Evolving Land Tenure Options in Khuda ki Basti, Hyderabad (Omar Razzaz)

Taylor, Rives, web page
Regional Sustainability Leader, Principal, Genslar
… SMArchS 1988, subgrp: ht, The American College and its Architecture: An Institutional Imperative (David Friedman)

Testa, Peter, web page
Faculty, Southern California Institute of Architecture; Design Principal, Testa & Weiser
… SMArchS 1984, subgrp: ht, The Architecture of Alvaro Siza (Stanford Anderson)

Touloumi, Olga, web page
Assistant Professor, Bard College
… SMArchS 2006, subgrp: ht, The prison of Regina Coeli: a laboratory of identity in the Post-Risorgimento Italy (Mark Jarzombek)
received a PhD from Harvard University

Tsuneishi, Norihiko
Visiting Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute, New York
… SMArchS 2010, subgrp: ht, The Work of Vitalism: Murano Togo (Stanford Anderson and Mark Jarzombek)

Tuck, Michelle, web page
Tuck & Tuck Associates, Bolton, Mass.
… SMArchS 2000, subgrp: ht, The Moment of William Ralph Emerson's Art Club in Boston's Art Culture (Michael Leja)

Turker, Deniz
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
… SMArchS 2007, subgrp: hi, The Oriental Flaneur: Khalil Bey and the Cosmopolitan Experience (Nasser Rabbat)

Verbeeck, Kenny
Engineer Team Leader and Partner, Ney & Partners
… SMArchS 2006, subgrp: ht, Randomness as a Generative Principle in Art and Architecture (George N. Stiny)

Villere, Mariel, web page
Manager for Programs, Art and Grants, Freshkills Park at NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
… SMArchS 2013, subgrp: ht, Life Behind Ruins: Constructing Documenta (Mark Jarzombek)

Vincent Dagher, Lieza H.
Director, Plymouth Farmers Market, Plymouth, MA
… SMArchS and MCP (dual degree) 2004, subgrp: hi, When Home Becomes World Heritage: The Case of Aleppo, Syria (Heghnar Watenpaugh)

Wang, Chuan
… SMArchS 1992, subgrp: hi, The Transformation and Continuity of the Traditional Dwelling in Suzhou, China (Ronald Lewcock)

Weld, Linda
Adjunct Faculty, Wentworth Institute of Technology
… SMArchS 2008, subgrp: ht, Silent Partners and Missing Links: History, Architecture and the Challenge of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum (Mark Jarzombek)

Williamson, Emily, web page
PhD Student, Boston University
… SMArchS 2014, subgrp: hi, Understanding the Zongo: Processes of Socio-Spatial Marginalization in Ghana (James Wescoat)

Wong, Winnie Won Yin, web page
Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley
… SMArchS 2002, subgrp: ht, The Industry of Aesthetic Realism: Product Placement in the Hollywood Film (David Friedman)
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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