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I applied online. I interviewed at Coleman Research.


I submitted a resume and cover letter. At the time, a friend worked there, so she was able to walk me through the interview process. Initially, I had an interview over the phone. It went well, and they made me feel incredibly comfortable. We talked about my previous work experience, and they asked me to describe my personality as well as my foreign language abilities. They were up front about the position and its compensation. After the phone interview, I was asked to come in for an in-person interview. I accepted a position at another company before that happened. Coleman looks like a solid place to begin your first job. It didn't strike me as a career -making company, but it would've been a decent starting salary with opportunity for upward mobility.

Interview Questions

  • Describe your foreign language abilities.   1 Answer
Coleman Research 2017-07-08 17:47 PDT
The Challenge

Sharpening Your Edge

As a senior equity analyst for an Asset Management firm, Ben is responsible for conducting comprehensive market research. Whether he is investigating a specific growth stock or a trend in the tech industry, Ben’s edge has always been finding unique perspectives on current market intelligence to improve his holdings and models.

Ben typically started his research process with sell-side insights to explore industries and get market intelligence. He would complete his research process using Coleman’s 1-on-1 calls, which allowed him to vet his ideas and assumptions through direct conversation with industry experts.

Ben recently reached out to Tom, his Client Manager at Coleman, to request support in gathering information on Facebook, which was bucking market trends.

Tom, leveraging his familiarity with Ben’s research process, proposed a solution that would give Ben a better way to access current, unbiased market intelligence on Facebook for his current project, and across the technology sector at large. Tom recommended that Ben supplement his typical research process with Coleman’s Hosted Events.

I was dedicating a lot of time gathering information the same way. I wanted a better way to get unique and current information. It was refreshing to have Coleman show me a way of doing just that.

— Ben, Senior Equity Analyst at an Asset Management Firm

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