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Essays On Black History


Ronak Patel March 9, 2009US History AdvancedBlock 7

Black History Month Essay

The black experience in America is truly unique – it has no real parallel. Although African-Americas are one of the most unique races in America, they are also some of the least foreign of allcitizens, due to their forceful adoption of American culture in replace of their own. Although this runs back many hundreds of years ago, it still leaves profound traces on African-Americans to today. Theyshare a very rich experience and colorful memories. Perhaps it is true that blacks have faced and struggledwith challenges unfamiliar to any of us today. The most obvious challenge that these people faced wasdiscrimination and segregation from the rest of society. Often thought as the inferior race for manycenturies, this crushing pressure definitely had serious impacts on them – as it would for anyone who hadto deal with such deep racism. Another obstacle blacks were faced with was unjust laws and inequality.Even after documents, such as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, were signed, promisingequal rights and liberties to all men, blacks were not included in the definition of “men.” Rights that weregranted to whites were restricted to blacks; freedoms provided to whites were barred from blacks;liberties given to whites did not pertain to the black man. This led to frustration and mental stress, whichsometimes proved to be too much to handle. No man – white or black – should be placed under thistremendous stress and pressure.

The Great Debaters

illustrated the black experience, by depicting themany challenges blacks were faced with in their daily struggles.Discrimination against blacks was incredibly common throughout American society. It was sodeep that white adults taught their kids to tart hating blacks as soon as they were born. Kids should not beentangled in such hate issues, yet parents forced the false idea of the black inferiority into their children’smind. This can be seen in

The Great Debaters

when the white kids intentionally throw their father’s piginto the road when they saw the Farmer’s car coming down the road. It’s absolutely horrible that thesekids – not even teenagers yet – could commit such a deed. Dr. Farmer was forced to give up his paycheck to compensate for the loss of the pig. When the mob of white men see Mr. Tolsen’s car come, theyhesitate. After recognizing that he was black, the crowd rushed after them, attempting to attack theinnocent blacks inside. Hate is the principle cause for all the bad things that happen in this world, whether it be petty crime or warfare. It saddens me to see how blacks were so deeply resented for absolutely noreason at all. They had never done anything to harm American society, or to inflict damage on any one particular man. Yet, discrimination sometimes ran so deep, as to cause bloodshed and violence. Blackshad to face loads of racism and discrimination, which has left a huge scar on the African-Americancommunity.Although the Declaration of Independence promised equality for every man, the definition of man was very obscure. “Man” did not include blacks, women, or other minority groups. How can the

Black History Month

In February Americans celebrate Black History month. It is a period of reflection during which the struggles and achievements of black people are recognized and celebrated. Many have questioned the need for a month dedicated exclusively to black history and this can be answered quite simply, because it is needed.


When enslaved Africans were brought to America they were stripped of their language, names, religion and way of life. They were indoctrinated into a life of chattel slavery in which they were programmed to see themselves and inferior. They were denied an education, denied the chance to learn to read and write so the knowledge of who they were before slavery was limited. Each new generation of slaves was even more separated from the knowledge that was handed down thorough oral traditions. This lack of knowledge contributed to a damaged sense of self which continues to plague many African Americans.

How has this affected us?

The Africa presented to colonizers was uncivilized, barbaric and heathen. The reality is that Africa was well established with brick and stone houses, roads and cities. Their African forefathers were skilled in agriculture, metal and stone work. There were universities and hospitals in Africa long before the European colonization. Africa was bursting at its seams with resources and flourishing economically hence its attractiveness to European powers. The idea that colonization somehow brought religion and order to these people is false. The miseducation of black people instilled a sense of shame and inferiority in them that is not easily undone.

What happened next?

Even under the severe oppression of slavery and Jim Crow many blacks managed to not only survive but to thrive and chip away at racist systems thus paving the way for future generations. Against all odds they invented and innovated. Many often overlooked inventions were developed by persons of African decent such as the ophthalmology probe used in cataract surgery, the gas mask, folding beds and chairs, traffic signals and a mechanical shoe assembly device.

It is undeniable that African Americans have made valuable contributions in a wide variety of fields. Unfortunately racial prejudice often denied such persons the recognition that was due to them. It is important for all American to embrace their struggles as well as their achievements in order to change the way that black people are perceived in the hope of eliminating the racist stereotypes that fuel racist attitudes and self hatred within the black community.

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