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Premier Access showing - No status or purchase. Any idea?

I'm flying a simple DEN-SAN-DEN itinerary this upcoming week; and these are my first UA segments this year. I don't need Premier Access in DEN since I have Clear, UA Visa (boarding group 2), and carry-ons only. It was also some silly amount like $79.

I thought about buying PA for my return leg since I just applied for Global Entry--then again, Pre-Check was closed at 4:30pm last Thursday in SAN (replaced with a Pre-Check voucher system which still meant you still had to stand in the regular line)--and it was only $34.

When I went into my reservation to look at the Premier Access purchase page, the DEN-SAN segment has a green checkmark and the words, "Premier Access has already been purchased for all travelers" below it. The SAN-DEN segment is still $34.

I wouldn't have inadvertently purchased PA for my DEN-SAN segment (and I've checked the account history and my e-mail address. Anyone know why it looks like that? Random comp?

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