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In the fall of 2017, the Darling Foundry launches Open Access, its new international residency program, developed in response to the growing demand for artistic mobility, while also offering its spaces and residential services to an ever-increasing number of visual artists and curators. A call for applications is open at all times to artists and curators of all nationalities, to offer tailor-made residencies in an inspiring professional context, housed in a 19th century industrial complex.  

The Open Access residency program includes access to a living-studio space, common areas, technical workshops, as well as support, networking and promotion to a diverse audience. The duration of the residency can be from one month to six months. 

Who can apply?  

All artists and curators, regardless of nationality and including Canadians, may apply to the Open Access program. Candidates are invited to apply at all times (see guidelines below). In return the Darling Foundry commits to provide an answer within two months of receiving the application. Applications will be reviewed by an artistic committee, according to criteria of artistic quality, and relevance of the residency at the proposed time.

Once an application is accepted, the Darling Foundry commits to welcoming the laureates within two years. Meanwhile the laureates are responsible for securing the funding of their residency through governmental, private or institutional sources. They are also responsible for obtaining any necessary visas. The Darling Foundry will provide a letter of acceptance and any other document required for the submission of a grant and/or visa application.

Budget guidelines: 

      • Rent of living studio-space, including wireless internet connection:
      $ 1500 CAD / month for a 800p2 (80m2) studio or $ 800 CAD / month for a 300p2 (30m2) studio
      • Promotion and support:$ 800 CAD / month 

Additional expenses to consider: 

      • Living expenses (suggested: $ 300-500 CAD / week)
      • Production grant (suggested: $ 0-1500 CAD)
      • Roundtrip plane ticket or other transportation mode

N.B.: the Open Access residency is to be distinguished from the short-term rental of a studio, as it offers its laureates all the benefits of its other international residency programs, particularly in terms of artistic support, networking and promotion. For more information on short-term rentals of a studio please see here.

How to apply?

Applications are accepted at all times. Please send a file to residence@fonderiedarling.org, including: 

A / a letter of intent with: 1- a residency project, 2- the desired duration of the residency, 3- what a residency at the Darling Foundry represents for you, 4- how you plan to finance the residency 

B / a curriculum vitae 

C / up to 20 images with their description  

The Darling Foundry will review applications and provide an answer within two months of reception.

Caroline Andrieux

Founder, General and Artistic Director

Holding a D.E.A. degree in Art History from the Sorbonne (Paris) and a pursuing a doctoral degree at the same school jointly with UQAM (Contemporary Art), Caroline Andrieux is particularly interested in consolidating artists’ presence in the city and in affirming art’s role in our society. By creating several venues enabling artists to come into contact with the public as well as by carrying out site-specific projects, Caroline Andrieux actively contributes to the recognition of contemporary art and especially to the promotion of emerging artists.

 As founder and artistic director of the Quartier Éphémère cultural association, she has been particularly involved in the rehabilitation of the Darling Foundry, a unique art center in Montreal fostering the creation, production and display of visual artworks that she has been leading since its inception. She has been instrumental in setting up many other alternative art centers, such as Hôpital Éphémère and Usine Éphémère in Paris, and has organised various exhibitions and major events in Montreal and in France. In recognition of her active commitment to contemporary art, in 2002, Caroline Andrieux received the title of Chevalière des Arts et des Lettres du Gouvernement français. She is currently working on a cross-residency project between Germany and Canada in the guise of an exchange between Berlin’s Flutgraben center and Montreal’s Darling Foundry.

10 ANS Ma Darling!, 2012, 20 min, video, direction de Lise Courtès

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