Adolescence Short Essay On Global Warming

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Essay on The Threat of Global Warming

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The Threat of Global Warming

Through the eyes of most scientists, global warming is seen as a very serious and severe threat. The actions taken by humans, such as industry and consumption of fossil fuels plus the increase in population and agriculture have played a big part in global warming. If something is not done soon the results could be very bad.

By the middle of the twenty first century, there is evidence that the Earth will be warmer than it has been at any time in human history, and quite possibly since the end of the dinosaurs, some 65 billion years ago. If we stay at the rate we are now (fossil fuel consumption / growth in population) then within the next two century the Earth's air might not be fit to breath. Many…show more content…

These gases are carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, and water vapor.

The main contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming is carbon dioxide. The atmosphere contains over 700 billion tons of carbon in the form of carbon dioxide. Currently, humans burn more than 5 billion tons of fossil fuel carbon each year, all of it going into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. In addition, deforestation and subsequent burning and decay add another 1.5 billion tons. Scientists feel that about 40 percent of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is taken up by the oceans or plant growth. The remaining 60 percent stays in the atmosphere, and is responsible for the .4 to .5 percent yearly growth in carbon dioxide concentrations.

Methane is also another major greenhouse gas that is growing significantly more and more each year. Methane is a gas that is naturally produced from decomposition of plant material and enteric fermentation in animals. Scientists say that the growth of methane is from a combination of increases in petroleum, natural gas, coal, rice farming, and increases in the population of domestic farm animals throughout the world. Nitrous oxide is just slightly increasing each year due to fossil fuel combustion and soil fertilization. Emissions from fossil fuel combustion also react to form ozone in the troposphere. Ozone acts like

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