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Opinion On Romeo And Juliet Essay

It has been referred to as the greatest love story of all time, or perhaps the most tragic. Romeo and Juliet serves to satisfy both anyway, which for a 1595 play has obviously stuck around for a very long time, which points to how good a book can turn out to be centuries after its author graced our good planet.

The story is a tragedy written early in the career of playwright William Shakespeare about two young “star-cross’d lovers” whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families.

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare employs several dramatic techniques that have garnered praise from critics; most notably the abrupt shifts from comedy to tragedy.

The Montagues and the Capulets, Verona’s two feuding noble houses, are constantly brawling and as a result the Prince of Verona issues an edict that will impose a death sentence on anyone caught dueling.

Romeo, a Montague is infatuated with Rosaline, a niece of Capulet. Rosaline is quickly forgotten, however, when Romeo and his friends disguise themselves and slip into a masque ball at Capulet’s house.

During the festivities, Romeo catches his first glimpse of Juliet, Capulet’s daughter. In one of Shakespeare’s most memorable scenes, Romeo steals into the garden and professes his love to Juliet, who stands above on her balcony.

The two young lovers, with the aid of Friar Laurence, make plans to be married in secret.

Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, tries to teach Romeo how to fight with a sword but Romeo avoids the duel because, he secretly knows that Tybalt is his relative.

Romeo’s best friend, Mercutio, takes up Tybalt’s challenge and dies, enraging Romeo who instead kills Tybalt.

Romeo is banished by the prince from Verona for violating his edict but consummates his secret marriage.
While Romeo is away, the Capulets unaware of the secret marriage try to marry off Juliet to Paris, a cousin to the Prince.

Juliet arranges with Friar Laurence who married them secretly to devise a desperate plan to avoid her parent’s wishes. She obtains a drug that makes her seem dead for forty-two hours.

Friar Laurence sends word to Romeo so that he can rescue her from her tomb. Unfortunately, Friar Laurence delays and word reaches Romeo that Juliet has died.

Romeo, grief-stricken decides to take poison and die by her tomb. Romeo finds Paris at Juliet’s tomb and kills him then enters the tomb and takes his poison.

The Montagues and Capulets, when faced with the terrible price that their feud has exacted, vow to put an end to the enmity between their two houses.

Shakespeare became the most famous playwright ever because of Romeo and Juliet and many of his other works. After hundreds of years many still pride in Shakespeare English.

It was among Shakespeare’s most popular plays during his lifetime and, along with Hamlet, is one of his most frequently performed plays.

Today, the title characters of Romeo and Juliet are regarded as archetypal young lovers. Romeo and Juliet has been adopted numerous times for stage, film, musicals and opera.


Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is a phrase that often refers to when, two people fall deeply in love when they just meet. But, how can you fall in love with a person that you dont haehardly know? All that you may know about this person is what they look like, or maybe their personal backround or past. For many reasons this is why I'm arguing agianst the possibility for love at first sight.

I do believe that somewhere out there, there is somebody that could be your soulmate, but I just can't see how you can love somebody that you dont know. As Juliet says when she finds out Romeo kills Tybalt, "Oh serpant heart hid with a flowering face." Anybody can pretend to be somebody there arnt deep down inside, to win over affection or just to be liked. Eventually that person will show their "true colors"

I think that love at first sight is a fairy tail.

How many people do you hear about that actually fall in love and get married soon after that and then live happiliy for the rest of their life? I think that you fall in love with a person moreeach and each and every day as you get to know them better. Love is like a peice of dirty laundry that is tosed around like it has no meaning, until its lost all value it ever had when a person said it. People shouldnt tell people that they love them unless they really truley mean it.

All of the reasons i have stated are my opinions that support I dont believe in love at first sight.

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