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Kesh Takeaway Gcse Maths Coursework

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GCSE Maths Takeaway

The following resources are ideal for your GCSE Maths Revision. Anything with a * next to it represents content that is brand new to GCSE Maths for the 2017 exams. Here is a suggestion for how you might use these resources:

  1. Choose a topic you think you need to practice
  2. Print out the worksheet of exam questions, or just grab a piece of paper, and try as many of the questions as you can
  3. If you are struggling, watch the video
  4. Now return to the worksheet to see if you can fill in some more gaps
  5. When you have done all you can, look at the answers and mark your work
  6. Then try the Diagnostic Questions Quiz on the topic, trying to explain each answer
  7. When you have finished the Quiz, click Review Answers and read through other students' explanations for any questions you got wrong until you find one that makes sense to you
  8. Repeat this cycle as many times as you need until you are happy with the topic

A big thank you to the wonderful KESH Maths, CorbettMaths, Maths Genie and MathedUp blog for some of the links.


Foundation Topicskeyboard_arrow_up



Geometry and Measureskeyboard_arrow_up

Statistics and Probabilitykeyboard_arrow_up

Foundation and Higher Topics (easier)keyboard_arrow_up



Geometry and Measureskeyboard_arrow_up

Statistics and Probabilitykeyboard_arrow_up

Foundation and Higher Topics (more challenging)keyboard_arrow_up



Geometry and Measureskeyboard_arrow_up

Statistics and Probabilitykeyboard_arrow_up

Year 11 Revision

Year 11 Revision Workshops 2018

Please see the link on the right for past papers.


Core 1 pre learning homework

Mechanics pre learning review








Board: AQA

Links to information and past papers

Double Science

Core Science: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/science-a-4405 

Additional Science: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/additional-science-4408

The Core and Additional Science checklist

Triple Science

Biology: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/biology-4401

Chemistry: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/chemistry-4402

Physics: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/physics-4403

The Core, Additional and Triple checklist

Additional Applied Science

Core Science: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/science-a-4405  

Additional Applied Science: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse/additional-applied-science-4505

The Core and Additional Applied checklist

Revision Guides are available for £3.50 from the School finance office and online through the school website.


Board: Edexcel

Link to past papers:



Board: OCR

Link to past papers:


Workshops are on every Wednesday

OCR Computing for GCSE - A451 Computer Systems and Programming Revision Guide (Paperback) 


Edexcel Board

Link www.edexcel.com

Past papers link to Reading and Lisetning with audio file, transcript and mark scheme




Past papers link to Reading and Listening with audio file, transcript and mark scheme

Revision Guides available £3.99 published by Pearson for reading and listening for AQA and Edexcel

Workshops via class teacher at lunch or after school to support controlled assessment in writing and speaking


Geography Exam Board: AQA (A) 9030

Weblink to specification/ past papers: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/geography/gcse/geography-a-9030

Current support: Controlled Assessment Catch up - any night they like. They just need to arrange with a Geography member of staff. Revision sessions will start probably in late March


Exam Board and Spec

Edexcel Religious Studies Full Course (2RS01)

Sets 1 & 2 sit papers 3 (Religion & Life based on a study of Catholic Christianity) & 8 (Religion & Society)

Sets 3 & 4 sit papers 3 (Religion & Life based on a study of Catholic Christianity)) and 10 (Catholic Christianity)

Set 5 will either sit the Short Course RS GCSE (3RS01) or the Edexcel Entry Level (8933) which is based on coursework with no terminal exam

Web links to past papers


There are also mark schemes, syllabus info, etc on this web link

Any current revision or additional support clubs running

We have structured the linear GCSE so that we will have finished teaching it by Christmas of Year 11 in preparation for their mock exams in January. Therefore there are no formal workshops available since there will be constant in class revision going on from February until May. However, I always make myself available to students on a Friday lunchtime in W4

Links to buying revision guides or what revision guides are available to buy in school

Students will be provided with revision guides after the mocks, but if they wish to buy their own, they should get:

Sets 1 & 2

My Revision Notes: Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Religion and Life through Roman Catholic Christianity (Unit 3) and Religion and Society (Unit 8) (MRN) Paperback – 31 Jan 2014

ISBN 978-1471801334

Sets 3 & 4

Catholic Christianity Revision Guide Third Edition (RAL) Paperback – 26 Feb 2010

ISBN 978-0340975558

Set 5 can use either guide since Paper 3 is in both of them and anything else you would like parents and students to have access to

Useful website for self-testing with lots of drag and drop activities, fill in the gaps, etc is http://www.recuthies.co.uk/GCSE%20Zone%20Main.htm 

Papers 3 & 8 are at the top of the page and Paper 10 is lower down and called by its old name Paper J.

GCSE Art and Design

Exam Board – AQA – Fine Art Specification 4202

Past Papers can be found under the Unit 2 tab on the following link http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/art-and-design/gcse/art-and-design-4200/past-papers-and-mark-schemes

Useful information to help from producing work to understanding the assessment objectives can be found on the BBC Bitesize page. Link is below. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/art/

The following additional support is available in school

Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri

Lunch Yr 10&11 Yr 10&11 Yr 10&11 Yr 10&11 Yr11cookie Lunch

After School 3.35-5 Taught Workshop 3.35-4.35

Design and Technology: Resistant Materials

AQA Exam Board.

Revision Guide: Collins GCSE D&T Resistant Materials Essentials (available from amazon)

Design and Technology: Product Design

AQA Exam Board.

Design and Technology: Electronic Products

Edexcel Exam Board.

Revision Guide: Collins GCSE D&T Electronic Products Essentials (available from amazon)

At present we run an afterschool workshop on Tuesday in A1 from 3.45 to 5.00. Students can also attend on different days and lunchtimes by arrangement.

I haven't put down a revision guide for product design as the text book we have given them is better than the revision guide (as it is a mix of different specs). All of our past papers are unfortunately stored on the exam board's secure network. If the students see their teachers we can print out copies however.

Design &Technology Food Technology

AQA Design and Technology (Food Technology) 4545 Web link for Past papers   http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/design-and-technology/gcse/design-and-technology-food-technology-4545

After school details  Tuesday 3.35pm to 5pm in N3 practical catch up session and Thursday  3.35pm – 4.30 pm in N9 coursework and revision sessions.

Revision guides -    GCSE D&T Food Technology AQA Exam Practice Workbook (Gcse Design Technology) by CGP Books Paperback £4.95 

GCSE Design & Technology Food Technology AQA Revision Guide by CGP Books Paperback £5.95

GCSE D&T Food Technology AQA Exam Practice Answers (for Workbook) by CGP Books paperback 


OCR Modern World History J418


This revision guide is useful only for paper 1 topics.


Controlled Assessment drop in by arrangement afterschool.


PE Revision Podcasts

GCSE PE Revision Help

Revision Booklet Paper

Some good websites:





Revision Booklet - Paper 2

Business & Economics

Edexcel GCSE Business (2009) (Current)

Unit 1 & Unit 5 – Use Past Papers, Examiners Reports & Mark Schemes:


Use Pearsons Purple Business & Economics Revision Guide on general school sale

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